• Nigel Dias
    January 18, 2019

    This week at the first London HR and People Analytics meetup of 2019 we launched the fourth year of HR Analytics ThinkTank research. Over one hundred HR analytics leaders have bought into our vision of analysing HR and people analytics practice, helping us to generate insights to answer practical questions about HR analytics strategy, and improve the decisions we make when building functions. As its founder and chair, it fills me with a sense of excitement and pride to talk about the research taking place over the next year. By reading the below, hopefully you'll be excited too.

    Four years researching HR and people analytics practices
    Firstly, simply put, it is the fourth year of research! That's a fourth year of supporting industry growth by sharing free, quality research conducted on every type of HR analytics function that exists - many of whom we've tracked year on year, as their story and value has evolved. Leveraging our global community of HR analytics practitioners, our historic data sets (qualitative and quantitative), how can we build on our insights in 2019? What types of decisions are leaders making over time that result in different types of business/people impact - and how can we replicate or even accelerate that impact in other organisations?

    What are some example insights have we found so far?

    Who is the HR Analytics ThinkTank Research Team?
    I'm almost more excited about working with our researchers than I am the topics being covered. In 2017, the HR Analytics ThinkTank partnered with @Andy Charlwood and the University of Leeds, bringing a level of academic quality to our approach, and producing our annual How do organisations build HR analytics functions? industry report.

    This year we are happy to renew our partnership with Leeds, and also add two more academic leaders to the team: @Sharna Wiblen, Assistant Professor at Sydney Business School at the University of Wollongong, and @Mike Ulrich, Assistant Professor at the Jon M Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University.


    What topics will be researched?
    Combining such an experienced and thought-diverse academic team with our rich databases of historic case studies and interviews, there are many different aspects of HR and people analytics strategy we could analyse. For example: how to better engage stakeholders, how to better serve evidence (insights) to HR and business, what skills, structures and governance make better analytics teams, what technologies to use, data to capture and metrics to view. Whilst these will all be covered in blogs, the core research this year will focus on:
    • The annual industry trend report How are organisations building HR analytics functions in 2019?
    • How do HR professionals make decisions, and how can analytics teams better provide the evidence they need? What do HR managers need to even know about data science?
    • What does an HR analytics career look like, and what do the best leaders and practitioners have in common?

    Why would you join the HR Analytics ThinkTank global community?
    Whilst everything we research is made available for free, in exchange for your time and contribution to our research, we delighted to offer some exclusive content too:
    • Research participants get first access to any new content produced by the ThinkTank, and access to existing content
    • HR analytics leaders can request free industry benchmarks ('How does my function compare with other 2 year old functions?') or specific case studies ('How far away is my function from being able to deliver value from predictive attrition modelling?')
    • Want to talk to other HR analytics practitioners? Want to see real examples of HR analytics in practice? Anyone can join the HR Analytics ThinkTank online forum, and watch video recordings our our grassroots meetups and meetup partners from around the world.
    • HR analytics leaders who take part in the research can also join our monthly sharing webinars, featuring other HR analytics leaders from around the world - and watch all the previous ones on the forum too.

    Want to take part? What does it require?
    We are looking for HR analytics leaders (do you run the function?) and HR data practitioners (do you work with data or share the results?) who are willing to take part in the research - most participants will be asked to complete a short survey (10min), and may then be invited to take an interview with a professor (1 hour) between now and the end of March.

    I hope this is an interesting and exciting to you as it is to us. If you would like to take part, please register your interest here.
  • Nigel Dias
    December 13, 2018

    Whilst the HR Analytics ThinkTank research has been running since 2015, one of the most exciting developments took place last year when we signed an official research partnership with Professor Andy Charlwood and the University of Leeds. By combining our frameworks and data, tracking the growth and impact of HR/people analytics functions over the years, we have been able to upgrade the quality of our research and reports to a an academic level.

    It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce that Dr Sharna Wiblen, Assistant Professor at Sydney Business School at the University of Wollongong, Australia, is also joining the research team.

    Sharna brings another new perspective to the research and analysis of the HR and people analytics industry, and we look forward to her contributions to our reports and ThinkTank content over the course of 2019.
  • Nigel Dias
    December 7, 2018

    To register for the next London HR and People Analytics on 16 January 2019, please click here.

    Throughout 2018, the London HR and People Analytics meetup group has really taken off. We've hosted dozens of HR and non-HR data speakers, sharing practical and real data stories, growing a grassroots community dedicated not only to improving evidence-based/data-driven people decision-making, but bringing in the techniques and evidence used in other data industries.

    I'm delighted to announce that we're going to kick off 2019 with the same rhythm. On the 16 January, we will start the 2019 event series with Keith McNulty from Mckinsey talking us through his experience of doing network analyses. Those of you who follow Keith will know he is not only an experienced HR analytics thought leader, but an incredibly practical and technical practitioner, and we look forward to him talking the stage.

    We also welcome Andrea Schirru, People Analyst at GSK to the stage. Andrea is a familiar face at the meetups, and he will be taking us through how GSK are carrying out survivor analyses.

    Following on from our belief that the people analytics industry shouldn't grow in silo, we are excited that Stylianos Kampakis will also be taking the stage. Stylianos is a highly experienced data scientist, who will be talking us through some data science examples from the sports and branding data industries. We look forward to a thought-provoking talk that might spark new ideas in our HR and People analytics sphere.

    Finally, for those interested in the HR Analytics ThinkTank research, I will be making a few brief announcements, including announcing new university partners and researchers, and the topics we will be covering throughout 2019, in case anyone would like to contribute.

    How has the London (and Leeds) HR Analytics meetup group grown over 2018

    a grassroots community dedicated not only to improving data-driven people decision-making

    All available recordings from previous sessions can be viewed for free by signing into the HR Analytics ThinkTank Forum.

    There have been many highlights during 2018. We have been hosted by Brydie Lear's People Analytics team, featuring talks by ING people data scientists John Tindel and Veerle van den Akker on text analyses and using algorithms to improve org design. At the same session we had Liz Moorcroft, Data Scientist at Aviva's Customer Analytics team, talk us through her use of ensemble modelling. (Sorry guys, this was before we started recording the actual sessions - we promise to record you next time.)


    We've also hosted Gary Munro, Head of People Insights, talking us through Sky's use of data (recording here), as well as Yewande Oni, People Data Scientist at Unilever, taking us through a practical text analytics example (recording here). At the same session, Holly Smith, data scientist in the banking sector gave a talk about some key principles of data science (recording here).


    In addition to the London sessions, there is a growing meetup community happening in Leeds! At the Leeds sessions, driven by Professor Andy Charlwood, who is also one of the HR Analytics ThinkTank's academic leads, a wide range of discussions have taken place in the north of the UK! We've seen talks by Harry Metcalf from the Nestle People Analytics team on absence metrics (recording here), by Heather Kemp, Head of William Hill's People Analytics team on their strategy (recording here), presentations by the NHS's Antony Williamson, and by Dr Sharna Wiblen from Sydney Business School, as well as non-HR data science talks by Tom Forth from the Leeds Open Data Institute (recording here).

    Moving forward in 2019

    If you would like to join a meetup community, follow @HRAnalyticsThinkTank or join www.forum.hranalyticsthinktank.com and we'll keep you up to date. If you would like to host a meetup, we'd be happy to help you find speakers from the HR Analytics ThinkTank global community, or include your event on our mailing list if that helps.

    Either way, thank you for everyone that supported the meetups this year. We look forward to seeing you all in 2019!
  • Nigel Dias
    August 16, 2018
    In 2017, Professor @Andy Charlwood from the University of Leeds and @Nigel Dias researched and produced a ThinkTank report, entitled 'How do organisations successfully build HR analytics functions'. If you're a ThinkTank research member you can download a copy of the full report in this channel.

    If you don't have time to watch the report, or watch the overview webinar with myself and Andy, you can watch some brief highlights here.

  • Nigel Dias
    August 10, 2018
    Here is a short video from the London HR and People Analytics Meetup from May, featuring the People Data Science Team at ING and the customer data science team from Aviva. Thank you to ING for hosting.

    Who is excited for the next one? Sign up for the newsletter to be kept up to date with the next sessions.
  • ThinkTank Admin
    August 9, 2018
    Professor Andy Charlwood from the University of Leeds and @Nigel Dias from 3n Strategy talk us through the high level findings of the latest HR Analytics ThinkTank report.

    Aired 18 July 2018.


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