• Nigel Dias

    On Tuesday 12 May from 6.30pm GMT, the London HR and People Analytics Meetup community will be meeting virtually to hear analytics stories, and following the great feedback from last time, do some quality networking! As with last time, we invite the world to join the session.

    At this session, we are excited to announce that Dr Adam Mckinnon, Advanced People Analytics @ Merck (Germany) and Andrew Marritt, Founder of OrganizationView, will both take the 'stage' and talk about advanced analytics techniques in the HR and people analytics worlds.

    To register for the session please register here.

    Like last time, we need you all to help us replicate the vibe and attitude of physical meetups. In order to d so, please we ask that you please do the following:

    1. Switch on your webcam
    2. Turn up on time (you can join 30min early if you want to try out some "networking")
    3. Be in a place that you can talk to people during the break
    4. In a normal London session, we use coloured dots on our name-badges to help networking (below). Find something of your colour(s) to have on your webcam
    5. Optional but I would recommend attending with some food and drink (I will have pizza and beer to really recreate the meetup feel)

    If you have any other ideas for what we could do, or any questions, please let me know. People keep saying this is a social experiment - let's try out the Future of Networking!
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