• Tanuj Poddar
    Hi All,

    After a lot of deliberation, the HR Analytics community in India has finalized 22nd March as the date on which we will be meeting virtually. Thanks to the global community for coming together and celebrating this month, which inspired us to organize a meetup after over a year and a half. And a special shout-out to Nigel for his support.

    What started as a meetup in Mumbai garnered a lot of interests from folks in other cities like Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Rising concerns due to Covid-19 pushed us to explore online meeting as an option and it has enabled the whole community from multiple cities come together for a virtual meet-up.

    As a lot of members of our community were inquisitive about developing analytical skills. So we decided to have three of our community members give a glimpse into the life of a data analyst.

    We have the following three speakers from three different cities:

    1) Rana Gautam speaking about breaking a business problem into a mathematical construct to which techniques like regression, clustering etc can be applied.

    2) Abhishek Trehan would be speaking about a project's lifecycle and specifically delving into areas of feature engineering and feature selection.

    3) Namrata Raina would be speaking about the breadth of technologies that are available to today's analyst and what they help us accomplish.

    The topics are such chosen to give the participant's a bird's eye view of the analytics landscape and to help them understand what they will be expected to do while carrying out an analytics project.

    My best wishes to all the other meet-ups and I pray for the safety of your community and loved ones amidst this pandemic outbreak. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

    To get an invite for the virtual meetup, please RSVP below.
    RSVP: https://forms.gle/pFa7RpgeXNReBXGaA
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