• Kelli Gochenaur

    Did you know 7 in 10 organizations with 10,000 or more employees now have a People Analytics team? Never has it been possible to do so much with workforce data. Data informs better decision-making and personalized experiences, helps to improve business performance, and produces insights about where and how people drive optimal value.

    Wherever you are on your journey, your organization may be asking a few of these questions:

    Do you need your data house in order before you can build a robust People Analytics function?

    How can HR build their capability in People Analytics?

    With the availability of data to drive rapid change for the business, how can HR and People Analytics leaders better position themselves to provide strategic support to the business?

    How can other HR leaders (learning, recruiting, workforce planning, talent development, you name it) leverage their People Analytics peers and resources to address your own goals?

    Invest in your career and learn HR skills of the future. Learn why People Analytics has become so important for HR, understand the milestones you’ll encounter building a People Analytics function in your organization, and gain critical insights from organizations at every stage of their own data, transformation, and People Analytics journey.

    Hear from Paul Rubenstein, Chief Human Resources Officer at Visier. Paul will share a unique perspective of the evolution of HR and People Analytics. “The promise that making HR efficient will unleash more impact on talent outcomes has not been realized. And we have entered an age where the changing nature of work compels HR to have more impact outside their function and inside the business units they support.”

    Paul will lead an interactive discussion about how HR can break new ground in the use of analytics, assessment science, talent management techniques and other practices as HR functions shift from being stewards of employment to being stewards of work.

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