• Yana
    Dear all,
    I am happy to share with you our 4th event planned for February 19th, 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria:). The interest in the events since the chapter launch on July 17th, 2019 encourages us to keep "walking":).
    So here is what we are offering:

    Topic 1: People Analytics in recruitment
    Project: Career in BG application analytics – descriptive analysis

    Project: Brand awareness in social media – text and incentives analysis

    Inspiration: Impact analysis and organizational benchmark of ideal personality profiles

    About Ivan: Ivan is GemSeek's Head of Data Analytics and is responsible for our analytics propositions. He is focused on delivering actionable insights with measurable business impact. He has extensive experience in working with large multinationals, data analytics, project management and account management. Ivan holds a BSc in Economics from Loughbrough University, UK and MSc in Finance from Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden. Before joining GemSeek, he spent two years as an Analyst at JPMorgan's London office.

    Topic 2: People analytics in engagement and retention of talent
    Project: Gemvoice – Key driver analysis and text analytics in Employer engagement surveys

    Project: Hierarchical analysis – sales correspondence and sales results

    Inspiration: Organizational Big data(personal data for absence, sick leave, delays, number of internal correspondence, incentives in mailings and etc.) and performance - predictive analysis.

    About Nevena: Nevena is a Data Consultant in GemSeek specializing in the Financial Services, Insurance and Utilities industries. She has worked as an economist in Canada’s stock markets regulator and in a large multinational consulting firm. Nevena has a Master degree in Economics from Simon Fraser University in Canada and a Bachelor in Economics and Political Science from the American University in Bulgaria.

    Yours faithfully,
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