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    Would you like to find an HR/People Analytics Meetup community in your area? Please click here. Would you like help starting your own Meetup? Please check out our guide and resources by clicking here. Willing to speak at a Meetup event near you? Complete this form.

    Over the last few months, you may have read my posts as I've documented the growth of the global HR and People analytics meetup ecosystem. These Meetups, each run by their own inspirational and independent leaders, continue to bring together local and innovative communities dedicated to the practice of HR and People Analytics. During October, meetups took place in Sofia, Buenos Aires, Brisbane, Munich, Basel and Seattle. By the end of December, communities will have gathered in Chicago, Sofia (again), Amsterdam, Dublin, London, Montreal and (two in) New York. Innovative, inclusive and practical - it is hard to deny the value these meetups add to our industry.

    Call to Action: We're Building a Database of potential speakers for HR and People Analytics Meetups. Would you be willing to speak?
    Meetups need speakers - in fact, 44% of organisers cited finding a speaker as their biggest headache. To help them, in addition to the other free resources we are already providing to meetups - from our Guide to Academic research and sponsorship - we have decided to build a database for meetup organisers to query to find interesting HR and People Analytics speakers in their cities.

    What types of speakers do HR and People Analytics Meetups need? Meetup organisers need all types of speakers. Senior. Junior. Technical. Statistical. Successes. Failures. Technology led. Product led. Data led. Academic. Industry. Big companies. Small companies. From around the world. If you have a story to tell, why not register on the database?

    How do I know my HR data story is worth telling? What story should I tell? I tell speakers to present their favourite (HR data) story. If you find it interesting, there is a good chance your peers will too.

    Am I guaranteed a chance to speak? Sorry, we cannot guarantee that. We cannot guarantee there is a meetup in your city (yet). Each meetup is run by an independent organiser who will use their own selection criteria to pick speakers.

    How do I register? You can register to add your details to the database by completing this form.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to post it below or message me directly.

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